Norden Arms Deli

Welcome to Norden Arms Deli situated next to Norden Arms pub and gastro.

With years of experience within the food sector we have sourced a fantastic selection of quality, hand made products from both regional, artisan producers to continental classics.

At the heart of our deli is our chilled serve over counter where you will find a truly wonderful selection of farmhouse cheeses cut to order. Territorial classics such as Mrs Kirkhams classicLancashirecheese and Sparkenhoe Red Leicester to continental classics such as Brie de Meaux, 12 month aged Manchego and Peccorino Sardo. These cheeses are made painstakingly by hand allowing the true depth of flavours of the cheese to shine through. Artificial additives are replaced by time honoured traditions without the short cuts to speed maturity.

Our weekly bread supplies are brought to you by Artisan Foodworks whose ingredients list is flour, water and salt. The natural yeast in the air is allowed to interact with the ingredients to create classic bread, sourdough and batch loaves, cakes and cookies.

At Norden Arms deli we also feature a large selection of charcuterie. Everyday classics such as salami and chorizo are handcut to order together with fine Serrano, Parma ham, Pata Negro, salchichon, breasola and mortedella to name but a few.

We are very pleased to offer for the first time in the area,PortofLancaster Smokehouse. These multi award winning great taste producers have been smoking fish and meat in their smokery for the last thirty years. An excerpt from their website shows the commitment to their art.

‘We have always believed that our vital ingredient is Time. The shorter the time from catch to Smokehouse, the better the quality, and the more sumptuous the flavour. For this reason we source many of our products locally and you can watch the fishermen land their daily catch at Glasson Dock’. Offering smoke salmon, kippers and trout to smoked garlic bulbs and smoked black pudding.

Also available in our fridges is Cartmel Sticky toffee pudding, a dessert so ridiculously more-ish it is one of the most demanded items in any deli and still made by hand as it was when it was first created 25 years ago using the same closely guarded recipe.

Lovers of a more savoury treat will be happy to see Patchwork Pate. Again with another 30 years of experience (great producers last the test of time!) producing scrumptious chicken and game liver pates as well as fish, cheese and vegetarian pate.

No deli would be completed without a great selection of olives and we hope not to disappoint. Having bought olives from many companies both in the UK and overseas the quality can vary enormously. Supermarket jarred olives will never compete with fresh brine soaked olives. Kalamata, Nocellara big green succulent Sicilian olives bursting with flavour.

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