Palladium Associates PLC – Edward Smethurst

The risks encountered by companies today are more challenging than ever before. Organisations are faced with an increasingly litigious and regulated environment resulting in greater exposure arising from the provision of their services.

Palladium Associates offers a full range of Risk Consultancy services and are fully Accredited Counter Fraud Specialists.


White-collar crime affects all industry sectors both in the UK and internationally. It impacts on multi-national conglomerates as well as emerging medium-sized businesses. Consequently, the number of cases reported as well as the overall financial damage is rising dramatically from year to year .

Due to the complexity of today’s business environment, experience has shown that successful and sustainable corporate compliance and risk management solutions are difficult to achieve. Palladium Associates provide our clients with tailored solutions which are both practical and comprehensive.

Palladium Associates are now Accredited Counter Fraud Specialists which allows us to work for government departments and major public bodies.

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